Financial Management

CBS Professionals work with large/small agencies to analyze and reconcile financial statements, reports, and accounts at the summary and transaction levels. CBS Professionals realize that financial management and reporting is critical to the overall health and success of organizations; and as a result, CBS applies all available resources and tools necessary to provide strategy and solutions in the areas of accounting and reporting; audit and resource management. Below is a snapshot of our Financial Management services:

Accounting and Reporting

  • Financial Statement Analysis

  • Funds Balance with Treasury
  • Funds Allocation and Tracking
  • Statement of Transactions
  • Obligations and Expenses
  • Problem Disbursements
  • Working Capital Fund Analysis


  • OMB Circular
  • A-123 (Internal Controls Reviews, including Enterprise Risk Management)
  • OMB Circular A-127
  • Improper Payment Act of 2002
  • Fraud Examination Techniques
  • Audit Coordination Efforts
  • Cost Allocation
  • Compliance with Laws/Regulations

Resource Management

  • Create/Report Performance Metrics

  • Planning/Programming
  • Budgeting/Execution
  • Prepare/Update Budget Documents
  • Trends/Variance Analysis, including Earned Value Management 
  • Acquisition Costing and Price Analysis