CBS, Inc. has cultivated strategic alliances/partnerships with large, mid-size and small businesses nationally that share our core values. These strategic alliances enable our business to leverage resources to provide innovative solutions to our clients' complex needs and requirements. Below is a partial list of our business Partners.
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  • Alion Science and Technology (L)
  • Booz Allen Hamilton (L)
  • Brooks & Associates, LLC
  • CACI (L)
  • Calibre (L)
  • Computer Science Corporation (L)
  • Deloitte (L)
  • Drayton, Drayton, and Lamar
  • Invictus
  • IP-Plus Consulting
  • KGS (L)
  • KPMG (L)
  • Leidos (L)
  • Lockheed Martin (L)
  • PWC (L)
  • QSACK & Associates, Inc.
  • Red Gate Group (L)
  • SAIC (L)
  • Serco, Inc. (L)
  • SRA, International (L)
  • SysTek (L)
  • The Raven’s Group

    * (L) denotes large businesses